Project:Website Animation Development

Screenshot of Halla Search animation Screenshot of mobile version for halla infographic


Decision Counsel – Halla – 2021

The website needed to launch strong with an animated infographic to showcase Halla’s services. The website was made by another developer, while I was hired to implement this responsive infographic section of animations.
The animation is made so that the user can select the 3 states via the tab selector at the top, which displays slightly different results on the graphic.


Web Developer specializing in UI/UX and animations.


Size: 3+
Members: Designer, WordPress Developer, Producer

Skills / Tech Tags


  • the graphic animates in when the user scrolls onto its block
  • change states automatically at a 5-second interval
  • also allow the user to click between states
  • the shopper “traits” (bubbles around their photos) pop in
  • the word “breakfast” is typed in the search field, and
  • the result cards at the bottom scroll horizontally into view.
  • tabs are accessible with keyboard support
  • layout is responsive- mobile has a slightly different layout, but same functionality


  • Integrate GSAP API
  • Make section modular and easy to integrate with the home page
  • Set timers and scroll triggers for the animations
  • Build the layout responsively for desktop and mobile
  • Ensure its accessible
  • Optimize assets and code for best performance

Mobile Video Demo

Desktop Video Demo

Responsive Video Demo

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