Here is a brief look at some of the AR/VR projects and prototypes I’ve worked on.

Tabletop AR iPhone Game

Spring 2020

Made with Unity, C#, Swift- developed an iPhone AR game played on the table. The table’s surface is detected and a 3D plane is augmented upon it, along with Voxel game level elements. The user can scan a real life object and have it tracked live in the game. A dragon game character is overlaid atop the detected object, which the other player can move it around in real life with their hands, and in real-time the game tracks the object’s orientation and position, updating the dragon’s status.

Screenshots of the AR game, scanning a real object and detecting it.

In the demo, a tin-can object is scanned, and then the game is able to detect it on the table and generate a voxel dragon element onto the tin-can. Physically moving the object on the table will trigger the object tracking to continuously update the game dragon. The player controls the main character’s movement by tapping the directional GUI buttons.

Screenshot of AR game, AR objects placed in the real world, a dragon and player.

VR 360 Demo of a Santa’s Workshop

August 2018

NOTE*- If viewing on your phone, please watch within the YouTube App for a better experience.
Look around Santa’s cozy Workshop from the perspective of a little toy riding on a conveyor belt. ~Notice the snow falling outside
My next iteration would’ve been the addition of music and the elves moving around.

180 Degree Interactive Wall for Amazon Studios Prime Experience Event

April 2018

[see collab reel here]

*note – we released it as a live event experience in Hollywood
Using VR technology with Unity, I helped develop this immersive experience in which the user navigates with a tablet remote, to walk through the beautiful sets of the Amazon Prime show, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In the video above, I’m demonstrating the app by using the Fire tablet attached to a stand, and shown is user navigation through the apartment set scene. The app was displayed on a gigantic 180 ~9×9 ft. monitor wall, so visual quality was a priority.

To provide a realistic experience, we used scanned Matterport 3D images of the actual tv show set, which we displayed via 360 sphere implementation, and had the camera interact with floating orbs for user navigation to different area points of the scenes.

On a dev team of 3, my work was on the UI menu, user navigation through the scenes, visual effects (such as making a custom shader for the navigation orbs, and post-processing effects), and asset management (including the Matterport scans).

This is one of my favorite Unity projects and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned and build more VR technology and implementation with Unity. It was very exciting to get to collaborate with Amazon Studios for their special event and help contribute to building an amazing experience that brought the user into their favorite scenes of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel show.

Photo of the 180 Screen wall, showing a scene of the tv show set.

AR demos using Vuforia and Image Targeting

March 2017

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