Here’s a brief look at some mobile games and game features I’ve prototyped in Unity.
I have fun experimenting with traditional and innovative game ideas and mechanisms, thinking about how the user feels and interacts with these.


Work desk with computer screens showing game development.

My Indie Horror Game


I’m currently working on my cross-platform, Point & Click Indie Horror game! I’m the sole developer on this while I’ve also lassoed in an artist, writer, and sound designer.

Current features I’ve implemented in the prototype:

  • Point and Click/Tap
    • player walks to area clicked on
      • walks around objects on the way
    • player interacts with certain objects
  • Dialog System
    • player can talk to NPCs
    • make choices on responses
  • Item Inventory
    • player can collect items.
    • Inventory UI menu
  • Camera System
    • Camera management with switching triggers

More on this to come! 😀

3D Avatar


For a mini assignment from a company, I made a prototype demonstrating a use case of 3D Avatar customization and interaction on mobile.

The user can change:

  • Skin tones
  • Background color
  • Actions
  • Avatar rotation (by swiping left/right)

I used a free asset for the Avatar from the Unity Asset Store that the company provided. Because it only came with a light skin tone, it would have meant changing the character’s already light skin tone to just lighter… and that didn’t feel right to me so I did a quick editing in Photoshop to whip out a darker toned version of the original material. I felt it important to be inclusive!

Mobile Horror Comic: “Eye in the Wood”

Fall 2019

A spooky, interactive story mobile app which has the user explore the scenes of a haunted house experience. My team partner created the assets for art and sound, while I built the architecture, navigation, UI, and more.

Eye in the Wood App Structure and Behavior
Class hierarchy diagram of the app

3D Lego Block Game

Fall 2019

The player has 2 modes: a tetris-like game of controlling falling blocks and a construction-like game of customizing blocks and building a level with them.

Arcade Fighter Prototype Game

August 2018

This is my first iteration of a fighter arcade game prototype I made with Unity.
Made from scratch except for the graphics and audio.

Swipe left/right to move, down to duck&block, up to jump.
Tap the “punch” / “kick” buttons to attack.

Tile Tapping Mobile Game

July 2018

A little prototype game I built with Unity, based off of the popular Piano Tiles mobile game. User taps on the lighted Tiles without touching the other tiles. This was made from scratch and was just the first iteration.

Mobile Runner Prototype

June 2018

Here’s a preview of a work in progress Runner type mobile game prototype. The ball moves forward automatically and the player must swipe objects/obstacles out of the ball’s path. Concrete objects are auto-generated in random positions. Wanted to add device tilting next. The 3D collisions are enabled but in the next iteration it’d damage the ball on contact.

More Projects