Project:Mobile App Development

StudyCircles logo over image of students studying at a circular table, and beside the quote "Learn Together"


For my college Senior Project for Fall 2019/Spring 2020, as part of a team, I helped with the mobile app development of: StudyCircles. StudyCircles is a cross-platform (Android and iOS) tool app focused on the creation and management of study groups for students that want to learn together.


Lead Developer and Designer for the UI/UX,  Fullstack Developer, Team Lead


  • I designed the user flow and appearance, made the logo, wireframes, storyboards, and other image assets
  • I built and implemented the above, using Visual Studio, Xamarin Forms, C#, and XAML. It was my first time using Xamarin Forms and XAML, but I made it work 😉 .


  • As it was my first time working with Firebase, I helped build a part of it and add Firebase methods – especially for the real-time chat messaging.


Size: 5
Michael built the majority of the database, and login authentication. Tracy did some UI work, and initiated the database. The others did some work on the UI, took ownership for the GIT repo and JIRA management, and we all did testing.

Skills / Tech Tags


  • Real-time Chat Rooms/messaging
  • Create StudyCircles (study groups)
  • Join study groups
  • View study groups
  • Set study group info (title, location, meetings)
  • View study group members and info


  • Learn new technology (Xamarin, Firebase, XAML)
  • Create Requirements Documentation
  • Build the App, make it functional
  • Stylize the UI and improve the UX
  • Add to the Firebase methods and DB
  • Implement features
  • Help lead the team on directions, features, and timeline
StudyCircles low and high fidelity mocks/wireframes Molly made.
High fidelity mock-ups Molly made for the StudyCircles app.
Screenshot of the repo, showing some of Molly's work

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