Project:iOS App Development

3 iPhones displaying the AndCam iOS App being used with Twitter, Facebook, and its own feed. Close-up of a hand holding an iPhone, using the AndCam iOS App


2012 to 2015, Mirada

AndCam was a mobile social media, camera, and photo-editing iOS app with photo stickers. Users could “Remix” other users’ posted photos which allowed them juxtapose their personal twist on the originals, and even to insert their own photo.

I contributed to every stage of AndCam’s software development life-cycle.


QA, Asset Management, App Developer

In a growing spectrum of roles from first as an intern software tester and asset manager, to a junior developer, then – as I continuously developed my skills and knowledge – a mid-level software developer & QA Engineer, I passionately worked on Mirada’s AndCam team. I’m grateful for the great mentors (Senior Devs) that helped me grow and contribute more as part of the dev team.


Size: 4 to 15
Included: 2 to 3 Senior iOS Developers, Artists, QA, Producer, Art Directors

As part of the agile environment, participated in team sprint meetings to discuss tasks/progress, new releases, builds and changes to the application.

Skills / Tech Tags


  • Photo Editor Tools
    • Stickers, Text, Filters
    • Resizing, Cropping
  • Camera Use
  • User Feed
  • User Accounts, profiles, pages
  • Liking, Commenting
  • “Remixing” other user posts
  • Exploring content


iOS Development:

  • Implement new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Write unit tests


  • Write test cases
  • Manually test
  • Report bugs

Asset Management:

  • File optimization
Clip of Molly taking a photo and editing it with the AndCam iOS App
AndCam stickers for Katy Perry Collaboration

Case Study Video

This case study focuses on the app’s collaboration with Katy Perry.

Close-up of a user tapping the iPhone screen, using AndCam
Screenshot of AndCam app's photo editor for stickers
Screen shots of Katy Perry's official website and tweets telling her fans to use the AndCam app.

Katy Perry used the AndCam platform to connect with her fans for her “Dark Horse” Music Video launch.

App Store Screens

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